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The International Department of the Austrian Medical Chamber represents the interests of Austrian physicians in European and international medical organisations and vis-à-vis the institutions of the EU (Commission, Parliament and Council). It takes part in European consultations and projects and influences the shaping of opinions and the legislative process.

Furthermore, the International Department advises and supports Austrian physicians, who wish to exercise the medical profession abroad. This includes the issue of Certificates of Good Standing and of EU Conformity of diplomas, as well as the award of scholarships.

The International Department also provides foreign doctors wishing to practice medicine in Austria with information regarding the requirements for entering the medical register, and carries out the procedure of recognising medical training certificates from other EEA countries.


Dr. Thomas Szekeres, President of the Austrian Medical Chamber


Dr. Jörg Hutter




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Mag. Christiane MIHALITS
Tel: 01/51406-3551, E-Mail: mmmYy5taWhhbGl0c0BhZXJ6dGVrYW1tZXIuYXQ=

Mag. Irene PODEST
Tel: 01/51406-3932, E-Mail: mmmaS5wb2Rlc3RAYWVyenRla2FtbWVyLmF0

Tel: 01/51406-3065, E-Mail: mmmYS5jemltbWVybWFubkBhZXJ6dGVrYW1tZXIuYXQ=

Mgr. Marlene BREIER, BA LL.M
Tel: 01/51406-3552, E-Mail: mmmbS5icmVpZXJAYWVyenRla2FtbWVyLmF0


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